The Stadium NFT plays a crucial role in the formation and functioning of clans within the Warlands ecosystem. In the Warlands world, each Stadium NFT provides users with fixed slots that allow them to strategically place different types of NFTs. These slots are categorized into four types, and the quantity of slots for each type is determined by the number of stadium NFTs owned by the user.

Stadium 1

Stadium 2

Stadium 3

Stadium 3

Clan contract

Heroes Slot
Islands slots
Monsters slots

Buy Stadium NFTs.
Pool Stadium NFTs from different users to form the clan.
Initiate the creation of a Level 1 clan with the pooled Stadium NFTs.
A new clan smart contract will be formed.
Create a Clan
Utilize slots to create combinations of Islands and monsters for clan matches.
Slots also decide which Heroes and Mounts can be used in a clan match.
Correct combinations offer extra advantages on passive abilities during battles.
Correct combination also rewards an extra 20% to the clan.
All clan match transitions are facilitated through a unique clan contract.
Increase the clan's level by adding more Stadium NFTs.
Stadium NFT can only be upgraded if it is part of a clan and a clan level upgrades.
Decrease in clan level occurs if a member leaves the clan.
Clan leveling up increases maximum view counts.
Clan leveling up increases maximum ticket entry prices for matches.
Stadium NFTs can be leveled up to improve the clan's capabilities.
Regular events and tournaments can be hosted as the clan progresses.
Clan Flow and Upgrade
Monthly rewards are distributed to clan members.
10% Guarantee to All Members.
25% for Guild Allocation.
65% Distributed Based on Activity.
Reward Distribution