Implement NFT contracts
Pre-tech Showcase
Pre-tech Demo
Q4 2023
Teaser release
Tech Demo for PC
Launch New Website
Whitelisting Old Users Nft
Q1 2024
Freemint (Binance, Polygon, Velas, Solana)
Presale 1(Binance, Polygon)
Mystery Box Airdrop
Alpha Tech demo update
Q2 2024
Warlands Trailer
Launch in the Asian market
Warlands Marketplace
Alpha Launch with multiplayer support
Q3 2024
Beta version PC
Scholarship Program
Official Clan Battles
Beta Game Phase 1
Presale 2 (+Ava)
NFT Cross Chain Bridge
Warlands Marketplace
Vault system
Warlands Mobile Demo
Q4 2024
Mobile Alpha
Warlands Tournament
VR Demo
F2P Marketplace
Q1 2025
Beta Mobile Release
VR Alpha
Metaverse Phase 1
Q2 2025